Tim Sellers Custom Homes is a full service contracting company that works from concept to reveal, with clients to renovate, expand and build their dream home. Specializing in major interior and exterior renovations, additions, “top-ups”, and legal accessory apartments, Tim Sellers Custom Homes can help you design and build the home to suit your every need without having to buy a new home.

Tim Sellers



Tim Sellers, has prominently appeared on several HGTV Canada and DIY Network series, The Global Morning Show, and presented at The National Home Show. Being from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the majority of his business is conducted in Southern Ontario. He has done renovations and builds with many designers including Jane Lockhart, Melissa Davis, Carolyn Wilbrink and Mia Parres.



With his first renovation in 1995, Sellers has been in construction for over 25 years. To become a knowledgeable contractor, he trained under various specialty trades such as an electrician, an HVAC installer, a drywaller, a plumber, a framer, to name a few. Sellers has done major interior and exterior renovations, additions, “top-ups”, and legal accessory apartments.



For 5 years, Tim Sellers learned as much as he could about the investing side of real estate while working closely with Scott McGillivray. After starting with a basement apartment in his primary residence, he began to purchase single family bungalows which he turned into legal multi unit dwellings with a positive cash flow. Now a member of the Real Estate Investment Network, Sellers has been investing in real estate for over 14 years.